Anchora Enterprises Appointed as Primary Distributor and Service Partner of Soremar Group

Managing Director, Keith Govender, is pleased to announce that Anchora Enterprises has been appointed as Soremar Group's primary distributor and service partner for the Southern African region.

"Soremar Group has been fortunate to witness the establishment, growth and future vision of Anchora Enterprises, which has proven to be a reliable business partner for Soremar Group. Soremar believes that Anchora Enterprises present a great opportunity for growth in Southern Africa and would form an integral part of the Soremar Group dealer network." - Soremar Group

This cooperation opens the dealer network of Soremar Group to Anchora Enterprises to further enhance global reach and product portfolio for Anchora Enterprises. Vice versa, Anchora Enterprises enables Soremar Group to deliver the same high standard of service and product support in the Southern African region.

"We are honoured to partner with Soremar Group and look forward to continue serving the local and international maritime industry, together," says Keith Govender.

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