Anchora Enterprises Approved to Operate as an Essential Services Provider During COVID-19 Lock-down

Anchora Enterprises is equipped to serve the maritime industry during the country's locked-down period.

The company has been granted approval as an Essential Services Provider to operate during the lock-down period in South Africa. This is in support of clients in both the fishing/commercial industry and government maritime entities.

Anchora Enterprises understands the importance of keeping essential services operational during the country's lock-down period. Engineers are ready and equipped to service the local fishing industry to ensure the continuity of their vital role in the provision of food.

Further to this Anchora Enterprises is available to provide support to all governmental maritime entities and the South African maritime industry, to ensure that the maritime sector remains operational as a key player in the country's economic well-being.

All services will be rendered with strict health and safety regulations, and protocols stipulated by the South African government during the Lock-down period.

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