Anchora Enterprises is Certified and Approved by Bureau Veritas

Managing Director, Keith Govender, is proud to announce that Anchora Enterprises has been certified and approved by international classification society, Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s leading ship classification societies and offshore safety and verification bodies, with a primary mission to achieve safety and performance at sea.

"For shipowners and operators, safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance. Poor safety management can lead to loss of life, cargo, and reputation. Inefficient design, construction, and operation can result in high operating costs, increased fuel consumption, and a shorter operating life. Classing marine assets with a trusted classification society like Bureau Veritas keeps vessels safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly throughout their operating life" - Bureau Veritas

Anchora Enterprises has been approved by Bureau Veritas for AIS Annual Performance Testing, VDR/S-VDR Annual Performance Testing and GMDSS Radio Surveys.

"We are committed to supporting the maritime industry in ensuring efficiency and safety of life at sea. As a class-approved service provider, our clients are guaranteed service and support of the highest standards," says Keith Govender. "I would like to congratulate my team on this great achievement. We look forward to continue serving our clients with service excellence."