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Anchora Enterprises Keeping You Connected During COVID-19 Lock-down in South Africa

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Anchora Enterprises – Your Official KVH Regional and Global AgilePlans Services Provider.

Anchora Enterprises appreciate all efforts made by our local fishing industry in contributing to our country’s essential supply of food to all South Africans.

The company respects the fact that being at sea in such turbulent times during the nation’s lock-down is not easy, but necessary. The ability to contact our families and have access to news updates is imperative in times of uncertainty.

KVH has recently launched Regional AgilePlans that bridges communication and information gaps at nominal costs. These plans are accessible and affordable via the TracPhone V3HTS.

“We are here to keep you connected to your loved ones while you are working hard to provide for all South Africans. Contact Anchora Enterprises today to discuss how you can stay connected with an all-inclusive no-commitment service, delivering everything your fleet needs for better business at sea!” – Managing Director, Keith Govender

“Keeping you connected in uncertain times is our business while you are playing a key role in moving critical goods to where it is needed. Staying connected to the world and your loved ones is imperative amidst the current global climate.

KVH Global AgilePlans provides an all-inclusive no commitment service that delivers everything your fleet needs for better business at sea!” Business Development Manager, Brent Ketel

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