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Updated: Mar 10

Anchora Enterprises Managing Director; Keith Govender, Business Development Manager; Brent Ketel and Technical Manager; Francois van Tonder attended the Europort show in Rotterdam Ahoy from 5 – 8 November 2019.

“Our company is devoted to staying abreast with the progression of technology within the Maritime Industry. Attending conferences like these allows us to remain resourceful to our clients, as adding value to their business is our priority.” – Keith Govender

Europort is one the largest maritime trade fairs in the world. All areas of the shipbuilding industry are represented, from inland waterways to deep sea shipping, marine, dredging industry, fishing industry and offshore. The exhibition is visited by national and international maritime specialists.

The programme includes a conference and seminar, which is devoted to advanced technology and this fair, also acts as a flagship for other maritime trade fairs.

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