SAMSA Awards S. A. Agulhas contract to Anchora Enterprises

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Anchora Enterprises is proud to announce to have being awarded a contract for the supply and installation of an ADCP and Thermasalinograph onboard the S. A. Agulhas.

“We are Thankful to our client, The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), for an opportunity to be of service on this iconic vessel.” Managing Director – Keith Govender.

S. A. Agulhas is a South African ice-strengthened training ship and former polar research vessel.

The scope of the contract called for Anchora Enterprises’ highly specialised technical team to work as one to ensure a premium service delivery to the client. The team was in it from the start with planning the entire operation. This included hull inspection, cutting the hull, fabricating tanks, rubberising the transducer area and procuring all equipment.

Further to this, an array of more technical and mechanical work was done, which included machining the polycarbonate glass and rings, installing the polycarbonate glass, getting the transducer down the tanks for installation, pressure testing the tanks as well as, welding and testing the transducer. Flooding the dock with zero leaks on work carried out was a truly amazing effort by the teams.

Anchora Enterprises, an SMME, is proud to have achieved all of this in accordance with class requirements followed by successful sea trials. The vessel is currently at sea with 24/7 technical support and monitoring from Anchora Enterprises.

Anchora Enterprises, an approved Service Provider and Service Partner for KVH Industries, completed the successful installation of KVH V11 VSAT onboard the SA Agulhas in late December 2019. The system was successfully trialled at sea and the company is looking forward to receiving feedback from SAMSA on the completion of their voyage.